Global AI Hackathon

#BuildwithAI: Emergence

Event: 24 - 27 July 2020

Winner's Announcement: 17 August 2020

Helping society emerge stronger from a post
COVID-19 world, using AI and Data Science

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Phase 1: Project Showcase Voting

Voting for the Global Showcase competition is now ONLINE! Check out some of the most interesting projects submitted until August 3, 2020! All votes will go into the running to win awesome prizes from our amazing partners. Vote here:

Best Dashboard

We want to see the most comprehensive dashboard you created to gain meaningful insights to help forecast or mitigate the effects of the pandemic!

Best Chatbot

Did you create a mental wellness chatbot, or an educational communications tool? Show us how you have used AI to create this human focused experience!

Best Measurement Tool

Have you created a measurement tool to identify mask usage/ social distancing/ temperature recognition? Showcase its effectiveness and use cases!

Phase 2: Hackathon Challenges

The hackathon itself will be a 72 hour process from 24 July – 27 July to ideate and deploy a solution under three categories. All submitted projects will need to incorporate or make a reference to least one dataset that will be published closer to the date.

NLP Challenge

The most interesting correlations can come from anywhere. Do pivotal tweets shape public purchasing behaviour of toilet papers? How does the way we communicate, with what we say change our perception of our health environment?

Prediction Challenge

Global case numbers are constantly changing. Participants will be challenged to develop an algorithm to estimate the total number of affected COVID-19 cases, which will be compared to real statistics.

Visualisation Challenge

The pandemic has hit many job types in both positive and negative ways. We want teams to visualise that analysis and the trends of which job types that have been most affected, positively or negatively, prior to and over the course of the pandemic.

Challenge background

  1. COVID-19 has exposed some of society’s greatest challenges in mobilising health information, global supply chain shocks and disease monitoring.

  1. Due to the sudden impact and black swan status of this phenomena, a lot of data has been generated. However it is often scattered and conflicting, with unreliable insights generated.

  • Many poorer nations do not have access to strong health systems and communications capabilities; meaning that automated systems is needed with even more urgency.

Participant Resources

Resources will be available for all participants, mentors and volunteers upon registration.

Rules & Guidelines

This document will explain the eligibility, assessment crtieria, submission types and inventor ownership rights of this hackathon.

Mentoring Handbook

Whether it is your first or fiftieth time mentoring, each hackathon is different and this resource will guide you through the specificities of #BuildwithAI Hack.

Post Hack Guide

Want to take your solution to market after the hackathon? Explore our recommended resources and partners in all areas where startups need to shine.

Competitor Handbook

A resource for competitors to understand the schedule, approximate development stages, software tools and best practices.

Datasets & Technologies

Both public and private datasets will be used for this hackathon, as well as a suite of officially supported technologies provided to us by our partners.

HackMaker's Slack Channel

Slack, as our official communications sponsor, will be the main form for participants to form teams and find mentors.

Community Partners

Showcase and Challenge Judges

Frequently Asked Questions

We will be opening up a special channel for recruiters to be able to meet individual competitors and finalist teams. Please find the attached pitch deck, and register your expression of interest in this form:

There are two phases to this hackathon. The first phase involves potentially showcasing your work and upvoting other awesome ideas that were developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Submissions will be due by 23:59, Friday 24 June, and be voted on both by the community and a panel of data science experts.

The second phase involves the hackathon. After you sign up you will be invited via email to our event online collaborative space.

The virtual hackathon begins 19:00 Friday, 24th July AEST  and concludes 19:00 Monday, 27th July.
This hackathon will be aimed at utilising data science and AI to gain meaningful and actionable insights as nations emerge from lockdowns and stay-at-home orders due to COVID-19. 

A hackathon (hack = solving a complex problem) (athon = marathon) is an intense sprint-style experience in which software developers, interface designers, technologists and product experts come together to rapidly develop software or hardware projects. 

Once you have registered, you will have access to our dashboard. The resources and Slack space will come online very soon, closer to the hackathon date!

HackMakers will organise, lead mentors, and mentors with hackathon experience will facilitate teams to maximise their experience. This includes helping match participants to team and skills, debug code, ideate, introduce to the resources and tools, and effectively present their solution.
Individuals discuss ideas, share their abilities and skills, then join an existing team or find people in the platform channels to build a new one. In previous event, some successful teams voting on their favourite challenge problem, generate potential solutions and tested these before picking the best option to take forward.
If you don’t have a team, mentors or organisers will be on hand to assist matching.
Most people don’t have an idea before they get to the event. But once you join the event, review the challenges and start talking to other people, you might come up with something. You can also work with somebody else on their idea if you like it.

Let's Emerge Stronger

Helping society emerge stronger from a post COVID-19 world, using AI and Data Science technologies