Virtual hackathon specialists

Helping organisations facilitate the growth and cross-pollination of skills between people,
for the social good.

Innovation & IP Development

Hackathons are an experimental playground for ideation, prototyping and developing new innovations to solve problems.

Community Creation

Hackathons combine people, education and processes to empower new ways of working outside the box with, technologies and applications.

Company Branding

Associating your brand with a hackathon can help you to establish your company as experts in a given area towards a social good.


As project-based challenges, hackathons are a great way to earmark key innovators and test candidate capabilities of handling challenges in the workplace.

We understand the challenges

This isn't our first rodeo. We are a passionate group of hackers, makers, mentors and geeks motivated to make meaningful and socially impactful hackathons. Our team has been part of some of APAC's largest virtual hackathons in history, including the FlattentheCurve Hack (2,700+ participants), Shockproof ANZ Defence Forces Hack (500+ participants) and GovHack (1,000+ annual participants).


Executing a successful hackathon takes a lot of preparation, expertise and understanding of the rapid innovation process.

1. Hackers, makers and mentors need the right messaging and understandings of their audience to attract the right people for ideal collaboration and innovation.

2. Establishing the correct rules and guidelines helps protect idea IP, and organisational liability associated with the hackathon.

3. Hackathons require the correct expertise to organise participants, mentors, while utilising the right software processes into a streamlined and user friendly approach.


Thanks to everyone involved. What a great experience. I feel lucky to have been here. I've been in several hackathons and startup events before in one role or another (participant, mentor, judge) and this was unique and more interesting by far. I was amazed how people who had never met from multiple time zones could get together, ideate, design, and build out a product idea.

Bruce H, Director of Product Management, Cox Automotive
Hackathon Mentor

Very glad to have met all of you and worked with such great minds! This is a global crisis and when we all come together like this, we will beat it together! A community rising together is no match for a little virus! A diverse cognitive pool can solve the multiple problems rising out of a pandemic - let’s always remember this spirit of community we shared during this time and solve more problems around the globe!

Sussana R, Founder,
Hackathon Lead Mentor

So finally after 72 hours, loads of team meets, mentoring sessions and amazing conversations Hackmakers #BuildWithAI comes to an end. It was really amazing to work with some of the brightest minds from 21 different timezones, just to meet one common goal- to come out stronger in this COVID19 struck world by leveraging the power of AI.

Harshit S, AI Engineer at SysOps Innovations
Hackathon Participant

Dedicated community platform

Use of our dedicated registration platform, as well as any relevant technology, software and dataset proposed to better capture participants' and mentors' skills and roles.

Workshops & Inductions

Structured inductions and workshops for onboarding and up-skilling. We will help mentors identify the areas in which they can add the most value to the teams, and help the participants prepare.

Documents & Design

Updates of all relevant participant resources, rules and guidelines, with bespoke designs and graphics based on your organisation's needs.

Marketing & Schedule

Assistance in developing a marketing campaign, usage of our social media channels, and announcements on our website.

Ideation assistance

Clear announcements across communication channels as well as timebox assisted ideation, prototyping and demonstration stages.

Judging & Analytics

Judging assistance, surveying and data analysis for organisational understanding in hackathon value-add.

Find out how we can innovate together.

  • Dedicated participant and mentor organisers for all of our sponsorship packages.
  • Strong linkages with other sponsors and hacker community
  • Able to accommodate bespoke features for our enterprise customers
  • Understand the balancing objectives and focus between hackers, makers, mentors and sponsors.

Anatomy of a hackathon

Each organisation is different, so each hackathon should be uniquely tailored to an organisation's requirements. Here is the anatomy of the preparation processes that we will work with you to execute, roughly four weeks prior to your nominated hackathon date.

1. EOI received, theme formulated.
We will sit down with you to understand your company’s objectives, participants, size, marketing channels and judging processes.

2. Microsite, induction and document review
We will create a bespoke mentor induction and review all documents prior to release. A themed microsite will be built for you. We will execute our marketing campaign.

3. Registration and Guidelines
We will help you understand and formulate the forms to register teams and fine-tune rules and guidelines to meet your requirements.

4. Set up Slack software, other technology and datasets
We will organise all the back-end Slack software, submission input channels using our software, and finalise any technology or datasets for the hackathon.

5. Execution and post-event processes
We will assigned you a dedicated POC throughout the hackathon, judging assistance, and provide assistance on all the opening, closing and awarding ceremonies.


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