Employees share their Experiences with Hackmakers with our latest series of blogs – #LifeatHackmakers

Let’s see what Rohit has to say about his experience at Hackmakers!


The year of 2020 has certainly brought many ups and downs for everyone. But it most certainly rewarded those who decided not to give up even during the tough times.

We at Hackmakers, tried our best to provide our employees with the best experience they could get at this time of the pandemic. 

We present to you #LIFEatHACKMAKERS which is a series of blogs where employees would share their enriching experience with Hackmakers and how Hackmakers helped them grow even during these challenging times. 

Rohit joined Hackmakers back in October of 2020. Let’s see what he has to say about his experience!

A Brief Introduction

My name is Rohit Chandel. I am a Postgraduate with masters in marketing. Prior to this, I enrolled in a bachelors’ programme where I had my majors from commerce background
Apart from my academia, I have been involved with a Not for Profit Organisation as well. During my spare time, I enjoy reading books, learning new things and spending some time to stay fit.

About Your Role at Hackmakers

I am currently appointed as a Data Entry Intern at Hackmakers. I came across this particular role while I was looking for opportunities during the lockdown.  

Though my role was specified to data entry, I was also appointed for responsibilities surrounding the area of marketing as well since my specialisation during post graduation was in the same field.

Overall Experience at Hackmakers

As of the date of the interview, it has been a journey of almost 3 months with Hackmakers now. It really has been an amazing experience with learning in almost all aspects of areas.

My reporting manager, Mr. Janson Lim, has always been supportive of the steps I took and have always been open to our opinions and suggestions for any of the projects assigned to us. 

Hackmakers have always been welcoming of a growing environment for its employees! For that, it has always encouraged and guided us to learn more about our areas of interest.

Hackmakers have always been welcoming of a growing environment for its employees! For that, it has always encouraged and guided us to learn more about our areas of interest.


Most Exciting Project at Hackmakers

Social Media Marketing was something which I had learnt a lot about but did not have any practical experience with. 

At Hackmakers, we were assigned to post contents for a brand new LinkedIn Page. Most of the pages of social media platforms prefer to invest in inorganic growth of their page (advertising). 

That is where our project was different, we were asked to research the content before posting it. Mr. Janson always reviewed and gave us insightful comments on how to improve our content posting from Mr. Janson. Since the page was quite new at the time, every single engagement mattered. With the help of A/B testing, we were able to find out some great insights on posting our content. 

The ever changing algorithm of social media platforms made me think that it would be quite difficult to grow a page organically, but after handling this project I can assure you that with the right approach, you can grow significantly.

Tell us About a Challenge that you Faced in your Department at Hackmakers and How were you able to Solve it?

I was lucky enough to be a part of the organizing team of the #DigitalDefence Hackathon organised by Hackmakers. I was responsible for handling participants’ queries on the slack channel, creating and managing teams of participants during the virtual hackathon.

#DigitalDefence, being my first experience at organising hackathons, I knew that there would be some hurdles that I would need to overcome.  During the hackathon, some participants were having issues in getting a team mostly due to the conflicting team zones. Being a part of the organizing team, it was certainly my responsibility to help them out.

I, along with the organizing team, chalked out ways to help participants out in making efficient teams. In hackathons, every team should have people of a separate skill set. We tried our best to connect individuals with expertise in specific areas to form teams. In the process, I ended up making some amazing connections for myself as well. So this was definitely a learning experience.

digital defense

What Essential Skills You Think You Have Acquired by Working at Hackmakers?

With every report that we had to prepare, one thing was made sure – To see things from the most physical, practical and analytical aspect. To make sure of it, we used our ability to ‘Think Analytically and Critically’ while preparing our reports. 

Creativity is one of the most essential aspects when it comes to posting stuff on social media; Researching content before posting them explored us to fields we were quite unaware of. Making sure that the content is on the page at the right time was quite essential. Thus, the social media project wasn’t just about capturing the right audience, it taught us to be  knowledgeable and punctual as well.

If You Could Describe Your Experience at Hackmakers in Three Words, What Would They be?

Creative, Efficient and Enriching